Welcome to the 10th DHAA Inc National Symposium!

This event has been developed and brought to you by the National Executive, National Councillors and the Queensland Branch of the DHAA Inc.

We are delighted to announce this event will be brought to you on Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st, 2012 in Brisbane.

The theme for the 2012 National Symposium is ‘Preventive Dentistry – A code for all Seasons’

The Symposium will focus on current research with evidence based presentations from different areas of the Dental, Oral health and Allied Health Professions.

The premise behind this Symposium is taken from the play ‘A Man for all Seasons’ by Robert Bolt. Sir Thomas Moore, a loyal servant of King Henry VIII, had his beliefs, philosophies and integrity challenged by attitudes and politics of the day, as determined by the powers that be. He did not waiver from what he believed in.

So too, are members of our Association and attendees of our Symposium, focused on the delivery of Preventive dentistry and Oral Health care, challenged at times. We, as preventive oral health professionals are focused on providing best practise to all members of the community.

National Symposium 2012 is an opportunity to be updated on current research & findings relating to oral health measures and recommendations as they pertain to you through the seasons of your professional development and to your patients throughout the seasons of their lives.